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Approved Caterers

List of BYU-Approved Caterers

BYU Dining Services is the preferred food and beverage provider for the BYU Campus Community. Otherwise, the only off-campus caterers that may be used, are those that appear on the List of BYU-Approved Caterers at the time of service.

University departments contracting with non-approved caterers will be placed on the non-compliance report and are subject to a $100.00 assessment.

Vendors appearing on the List of BYU-Approved Caterers have gone through the necessary qualification process and thereby agree to specific terms and conditions, including compliance and compatibility with existing university agreements. For example, all beverages provided by caterers must adhere to the campus-wide contract with Coca Cola. Approved caterers are also expected to conduct university-related transactions with campus representatives, in a manner that complies with the following;

"University funds are to be used solely for the benefit of the university and its purposes. Therefore, BYU employees that purchase goods or services from a BYU-Approved Caterer with university funds are strictly prohibited from personally receiving; benefits, advantages, perks, discounts, customer-reward program points, punch-card redemptions, special offers, incentives or like-manner personal gain related to said catering transaction."

If you would like to use a vendor that has not yet been approved, please refer to the Guide and Application links below. Please allow 7 business days for a caterer’s application to be reviewed. Once approved, qualifying vendors will be notified by the university.

Guide for using Approved BYU Caterers
Application to Become an Approved BYU Caterer

List of BYU PREFERRED Caterers:

BYU Catering

Contact: Ivona Mills
Phone: 801-422-9977

BYU Food To Go

Contact: Tim Ipson
Phone: 801-422-5001

BYU Subway

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Papa John's

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Chick-fil-A

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Choices

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Aloha Plate

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Taco Bell

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Wendy's

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Jamba Juice

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Milk & Cookies

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607

BYU Cougar Cafe

Contact: WSC Cougareat Office
Phone: 801-422-1607


List of BYU APPROVED Caterers:

Apple Spice Junction

Contact: Craig Reaveley
Phone: 801-224-4666
Approval Expiration: 10/1/2022

Auberginie Kitchen

Contact: Elcio Zanatta
Phone: 801-210-0827
Approval Expiration: 8/15/2022

Beehive Catering

Contact: Chris Otting
Phone: 801-406-9038
Approval Expiration: 8/3/2022

Cafe Rio

Contact: Pascal Jacob
Phone: 801-633-7582
Approval Expiration: 10/1/2022

Café Zupas

Contact: Kevin Stoker
Phone: 801-830-8941
Approval Expiration: 2/3/2023

California Pizza Kitchen

Contact: Angie Warner
Phone: 801-765-1777
Approval Expiration: 7/01/2022

Clarion Gardens Catering

Contact: Rebecca Carter
Phone: 801-465-0380
Approval Expiration: 10/13/2022

Copper Grill Catering

Contact: Sadie
Phone: 801-375-1115
Approval Expiration: 02/28/2023

Culinary Crafts

Contact: Jocelyn Gillies
Phone: 801-225-6575
Approval Expiration: 3/1/2023


Contact: Catering
Phone: 801-916-8968
Approval Expiration: 12/1/2022

GreenHollow Catering

Contact: Brady Greenhalgh
Phone: 801-427-1350
Approval Expiration: 4/29/2023

Hokulia Save Ice

Contact: Clint Severson
Phone: 801-602-6683
Approval Expiration: 4/1/2023

Hruskas Kolaches

Contact: Catering
Phone: 801-623-3578
Approval Expiration: 9/18/2022

J Dawgs

Contact: Catering
Phone: 801-373-3294
Approval Expiration 03/01/2023


Contact: Tyceson Low
Phone: 801-812-2200
Approval Expiration: 09/1/2022

Landmark Catering

Contact: Elaine Porter
Phone: 801-368-7296
Approval Expiration: 07/26/2023

Magleyby's Catering

Contact: Corporate Catering
Phone: 801-610-4110
Approval Expiration:11/10/2022

Marvellous Catering

Contact: Jed Marvell
Phone: 801-374-0879
Approval Expiration 01/01/2023

Miss Essie's Southern BBQ
Contact: Marcus Jones
Phone: 801-262-3616
Approval Expiration: 12/6/2022

Rodizio Grill - Riverwoods
Contact: Aubree
Phone: 801-318-8494
Approval Expiration 9/17/2022

Tucanos Brazilian Grill
Contact: Kelly Byars
Phone: 303-237-1340
Approval Expiration 9/17/2022


Contact: Catering Manager
Phone: 801-785-4447
Approval Expiration: 3/27/2023

Waffle Love

Contact: Catering Manager
Phone: 801-923-3588
Approval Expiration: 5/14/2023

Contact Us:

  • Off-Campus Catering Committee
  • Ginger Cutler
  • 801-422-3727