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Y-Marketplace Encumbrances

Each night encumbrances are updated in PeopleSoft to university operating units based upon daily activity in the Y-Marketplace system. Purchase orders are encumbered for outstanding order amounts over $100 in fund groups 11 and 20 as well as C, K and R projects. Orders approved before 5:00 pm, associated with these fund groups, will be encumbered in PeopleSoft the next day. There is now an additional process that runs every Friday evening to close any Purchase Order that is one year old or older which was paid in full 60 days prior, OR one year old or older and was within 10% or $100 of being paid in full 60 days prior.

Contact Kelly Taylor at or (801) 422-7015 if you need to remove an encumbrance for any reason.

Year End Encumbrances

Encumbrances become important to many at year end as they make their final purchases using their remaining university allocated budget. Two deadlines are provided at year end to assure the proper posting of your encumbrance.

  • Requisitions in Y-Marketplace. Allow about 10 days for purchasing personnel to source your order and for your department approver to approve the order.
  • Catalog orders in Y-Marketplace. These orders just need to be approved by your department approver before 5:00 pm on the last day of the year.

If you have any unusual year end encumbrance needs contact Joel Christensen in the Budget office at (801) 422-3693.