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Welcome To Chrome River Expense!

The new university expense reporting system Chrome River went live on March 30, 2020. The new system offers great new functionality for system users.

  • Greater Access. Users can access the full functionality of the system from any device through a web browser or the Chrome River app.
  • Receipt Capture Technology with OCR. Receipts can be captured on the Chrome River App or the CR Snap App and they will be loaded directly to a user's e-wallet. Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology will read elements of receipts and match them with credit card transactions.
  • Improved System Availability. Chrome River delivers a near 100% system availability.
  • Student Expense Reports Paid Electronically. Students now receive reimbursement payments electronically. Student Pre-Approvals for Travel will now be electronic as well.

Chrome River provides recorded and live training through their Training Camp visit for more information.

Training videos and documents are also available through the Help section in the Chrome River application.

University specific training materials are also provided below.

Attached Documents:
ChromeRiver Users Manual
ChromeRiver University Specific Training Videos