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Intense, Personal, Customer Care

We provide “Intense, Personal, Customer Care" through great people and lasting travel industry relationships. Delivering exceptional value and service is what we do. We can get you there!

Contact BYU Travel Phone: 801-422-3872
Office Hours: 8 – 12, 1 – 5; Monday thru Friday
Closed Tuesday’s 10:45 – 1:00 for Devotional or Forum

On-call Emergency Help - If you are currently traveling or are traveling before the next business day and have an emergency, please contact us at the appropriate number below. An on-call BYU travel agent will be glad to assist. Calls are not routed to a call center and this service is for emergencies only, not for general inquiries or requests.

Domestic & International Travel: 801-228-7501
Athletic Travel: 801-592-6534
FSY Travel: 801-836-7371

University On-Site Reservation Services

In an effort to provide optimum service levels and preferred pricing on travel arrangements, university employees are required to arrange all airfare, lodging, car, and bus rentals with travel agents employed by the Purchasing and Travel. University employees should contact a travel agent as soon as they know travel dates and destination information to give travel agents as much time as possible to secure optimal fares and schedules.

Occasionally, travel arrangements from outside sources may need to be taken into consideration. Examples include special proprietary tour packages or organization negotiated fares. Discuss these arrangements with your travel agent. If they approve of the purchase, they will send an approval email that can be submitted with receipts on your Travel Expense Report or through a Fast Track request authorizing the purchase.