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Traveler Security

Travel security guidelines change frequently. Please use these resources for the latest information for travel safety information.

BYU Travel Smart Website: A resource provided by the BYU International Vice President's office to request, plan, and prepare for international travel. This site also provides the current university travel restrictions list.

U.S. State Department: Information on obtaining a passport or visa as well as finding international travel information.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Information on the Trusted Traveler Program for frequent travelers that allows for faster airport security screenings.

Transportation Security Administration: Information on current traveler security requirements.

State Department Travel Advisories: Travel Advisories are available for every country of the word with information on such matters as health conditions, crime, unusual currency or entry requirements, any areas on instability, and the location of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in the country.

Updated: 01/24/2023