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Travel FAQ's

Frequently Asked Travel Questions

The university allows both domestic and international travel as long as the appropriate approvals have been granted. Specifics regarding COVID-19 travel approvals can be found at If there are questions, please contact the travel office at 2-3872.

1. I have not received my travel advance/reimbursement check. Where do I go to receive that?

Travel advances and reimbursements for University employees are directly deposited to the bank account set up for your payroll unless you have set up a different bank account for travel payments. You can change your deposit bank account at myBYU>Campus Links>Work>Direct Deposit.

2. I have found an airfare on the internet for my trip. Can I book it?

Before you book a fare on the internet, first contact the Travel Office at 422-3872 to speak with an agent. The agent will compare your internet fare quote with the fares in our system and with our contracts. If we are unable to match the internet fare the agent will email you approval to purchase the airfare. Include a copy of that email with your receipt on your travel expense report.

3. Do I need to fill out a travel pre-approval if there is no expense to the university?

Yes. The travel pre-approval is both an approval for expenditures and an authorization to go on travel status. It also establishes insurance while you're traveling. The only time you do not submit a pre-approval is when you do will not stay over-night or use commercial transportation on a day trip.

4. Can I be reimbursed for meals if my trip does not include an overnight stay?

Under special circumstances when an individual leaves home very early in the morning and returns home late the same night, the University will consider the individual away from home longer than a normal workday (the person must be gone a minimum of 12 hours to qualify) and will reimburse actual meal costs with receipts not to exceed the allowable per diem.

5. Can multiple travelers be listed on the same pre-approval?

Yes, use the Chrome River group travel pre-approval and then attach a list of other travelers that will be in the group. The person who files the pre-approval will be the group travel leader and should incur all of the expenses for the group.

6. Can I use a credit card statement as a receipt?

No. Credit card statements do not contain the detail required. If you are missing a hotel or car rental receipt please contact the hotel or car rental company and request a duplicate receipt.

7. I lost one of the receipts from my trip. Is there any way to be reimbursed without a receipt?

The BYU policy states that any travel expense over $50 requires a receipt. If your travel expense was more than $50, and you have made every effort to get a duplicate receipt, you simply send in a Lost or Missing Receipt Affidavit for the missing receipts along with the other receipts associated with your trip. Receipts for purchasing expenses are required regardless of the amount.

8. I am planning to drive instead of flying to my destination; how do I calculate my travel estimate?

You'll need to speak with a travel agent to determine the current airfare costs to your destination. You are then able to seek reimbursement for whichever is less:

  • Airfare equivalent (which includes airfare, a round trip to the airport, airport parking, and $40 allowance for ground transportation in your destination city).
  • Actual round trip mileage between Provo and your destination at the current mileage reimbursement rate.

You may want to use the Airfare Equivalency Worksheet to help you with this calculation.

9. I need to register for a conference; if I register in advance the fee is less, however, my credit card bill will be due before I go on my trip. What can I do?

You can file more than one expense report against an approved pre-approval. Be sure to include the conference fee in the pre-approval. Complete the expense report for the conference fee and attach it to the approved pre-approval. You can then file another expense report after the trip occurs.

10. Should I purchase additional insurance for my car rental?

No additional insurance is required for rental cars domestically. Additional insurance purchased domestically is NOT reimbursable. Travelers SHOULD purchase additional insurance on international car rentals and that insurance will be reimbursed.

11. What is TSA PreCheck and how do I get it?

TSA Precheck allows low-risk travelers to move through security quicker and more conveniently.

There are varying levels of TSA Precheck. Click the following link for more information and to sign up for the program.

TSA Precheck