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Extended Travel

Full-time employees traveling for extended periods of time (at least 30 days but not more than one year) may either travel under the regular travel policy or receive approval from their department for an extended per diem to cover all expenses of the trip. The negotiated per diem rate may not exceed the maximum federal per diem rate for meals and lodging for the specific approved travel destination(s), as published by the U.S. General Services Administration at Purchasing and Travel can assist in planning extended trips and in determining appropriate per diem allowances within the published federal rates.

Under either method, payment to the traveler can be provided as follows:

  • The preferred approach is to reimburse the traveler as reimbursement requests are submitted through Chrome River (e.g. monthly, quarterly). Claims for extended per diem are made after the dates transpire, they cannot be claimed into the future. Claims are listed as Extended Trip Per Diem under the Miscellaneous mosaic tile of the Travel Expense report in Chrome River. Reimbursements are direct deposited to the traveler's designated bank account.
  • Though discouraged for personal safety reasons, cash advances may be provided in advance of the trip. These large advances will need the approval of Cash Advance managers. A final Travel Expense Report will need to be filed in Chrome River within 30 days of the conclusion of the trip to clear the advance and bill necessary charges to the university department.