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Travelers should use standard accommodations in reasonably priced, commercial-class properties. The traveler should use the university travel/corporate card to pay for lodging and to guarantee room reservations whenever possible.

Travelers should coordinate/book hotel reservations through Purchasing & Travel. This practice insures the best value, inclusion of all available discounts, and contract hotel availability.

Travelers do not receive reimbursement for lodging costs when they stay with friends or relatives. However, when traveling away from home overnight, a $10.00 amount is allowed for each day of housing provided by family or friends. Travelers may use this allowance along with the regular meal per diem allowance, if applicable, to provide a gratuity to the host.

In-room movies, mini-bar charges, concierge services and other in-room services are not reimbursable beyond the approved per diem. Travelers should not charge long distance telephone calls on the hotel bill. Travelers should use a cell phone or a Veracity long distance number to have calls billed to the university. Veracity long distance codes can be ordered from the work tab under campus links on the myBYU page.