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Registration Fees, Hosting, and Moving

Conference Registration Fees

Conference registration fees should be paid using a university credit card whenever possible. Where university credit cards are not accepted, the traveler should use Fast Track to request payment for the conference.

When attending a conference and claiming per diem, the traveler must reduce from their per diem any meals provided by the conference along with any other meals provided to the traveler. Attaching a copy of the conference registration or agenda that indicates meeting dates and meals provided by the conference is encouraged and is helpful to travelers, delegates, and approvers in determining and monitoring allowable travel expenditures.

Hosting and Entertainment

Occasionally, it may become necessary to host people while traveling. Costs for approved hosting activities are reimbursable only under the following conditions and with documentation of the specific business purpose:

  • The hosting employee must submit on the Travel Expense Report the business purpose of the meal and the names and affiliation of persons hosted. The employee must submit complete, actual receipts for the meal to receive reimbursement.
  • All university employees participating in the hosted meal must deduct that meal period from their overall per diem.

Moving and Temporary Relocation Expense

Moving expenses for permanent relocation of either incoming or outbound employees are administered under the University Moving Policy. These expenses should not be submitted in Chrome River. Contact the Tax Office for questions on the moving policy.