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Miscellaneous Surplus Items For Sale (No Bid Required)

From time to time, the university may make available for purchase, miscellaneous items that have been deemed surplus.

When available, miscellaneous surplus items may be offered in two categories, namely; Miscellaneous Surplus Items For Auction (Bid Required) and Miscellaneous Surplus Items For Sale (No Bid Required).

Specific terms and conditions related to each category are provided.

Items offered under the "MISCELLANEOUS SURPLUS ITEMS FOR SALE" category, may be purchased on a first-come-first-served basis, at the price shown as "selling-price," to any interested party, whether employed by BYU, or not.

Accordingly, when items are listed in this category, they are made available to purchase at the selling price shown in the listing, and no bids are required.

Miscellaneous Surplus Items For Sale